Monday's are $15 Pint & Parmi - A Launceston tradition

Our Monday night Pint & Parmi night is the most famous night in town.

What some would say, a tradition in Launceston. Picture this, you've had a busy weekend. Haven't we all? Whether you've kicked the ol leather oval around the field, house reno's in the rain, kids have driven you barmy or maybe even a few too many sips of Grey Goose at Lonnies.. whatever it may be. We have the cure...

We are the only venue offering a mammoth Beer with your mammoth Parmi for only $15, hence the best deal in Launceston. Who would argue with that?

Kicking off from 11am through til late, you can take advantage this offer... EVERY Monday! Pop in for lunch for a Pint & Parmi, come back at 6pm for a Pint & Parmi. We do not judge!

If you're not feeling the Parmi vibe? Those $15 lunch specials are on offer til 5 as well, so don't let that stop you from visiting us every Monday. Make it your ritual.. Everyone else does!