Soups, Stews n Brews winter coolness

What do we think the best thing about our Soups, Stews n Brews events? Well you can afford to shout Mum n Dad dinner. In fact, an afternoon feast WITH drinks.

Soups, Stews n Brews is on selected Sundays every Month throughout winter at Sporties. Basically, our event menu is all $5. Yes, you heard right... 5 buckaroonies! You can grab yourself a $5 Soup, $5 Stew, $5 Brew and a $5 dessert. All for $20!!!

Complete madness you say? We know. We dont run these events often because we see it as a treat for you. We know Winter is freezing, gloomy and a little boring in Tassie here and there. So we created a relaxed event, whilst we hosted some live music and cheap but quality eats for you and your friends and family.

So join us for the next wintery installment of Soups, Stews n Brews. Check out our Facebook page for the next date. Catch you at the beanbags!